Our Story

I'm Jessica Smith, and Smith & Scott Boutique is the realization of a lifelong dream for me. It is a place where you get the personal attention and support to make fashion choices you will love. Whether shopping in the store or on our website, I am here to find the perfect look for you, and we can schedule time together to make that happen.
To help you get to know me better and understand our wonderful store, here's a little bit about my background and my fashion philosophy.
My Background: 
I absolutely loved clothes growing up. All of my friends shopped in my closet. I read every fashion magazine I could get my hands on and luckily my mother encouraged this passion. She would drive me anywhere to find whatever my fashion needs were at the moment. Most of the time it was an emergency (in my mind, anyway)
That led me to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) where I studied Fashion Buying and Merchandising. I was lucky to land a job in the industry and lived and worked in NYC for 15 years.
When my husband and I moved to Bucks, I decided that it was time to live my dream. Smith & Scott was it!
My Philosophy:
I always felt a sisterhood with my friends growing up and a lot of it came from our love of clothes and dressing up. We nurtured each other and honestly wanted to help each other look and feel our best while embracing our individual styles. 
I've always been up front with my opinion while understanding that each of us has our own wardrobe needs that have to fit our lifestyle. I always stress buying what you love and will want to reach for in your closet.
My mission is to empower everyone that walks in the door. I'm here to help everyone embrace how they look and feel. We all have areas we don't like or wish were different. I try to stress that we all do. Not everything is perfect and that's okay! 
Bringing a little of the city to Doylestown has been my goal. Putting together a look and helping someone feel good is my joy.
We look forward to shopping with you in the store or on the website!