Spring (Fashion) Forward: What's *In* for Spring, by Fern Baker-Guy

 I've written before about how I sort of dread the transition from Summer to Fall - even though I love the Fall season, I'm never quite ready to relinquish Summer until well into September. However, the same does NOT apply to the transition from Winter to Spring. Quite the opposite. By now (February), I'm gazing wistfully at other people's vacation posts and dreaming about warmer weather. Accordingly, I'm starting to plan my Spring/Summer wardrobe. 

Which brings me to the question: what's "in" for Spring/Summer 2023? 

Each new season we get this question, and it's not always so easy to answer. Designers - in their never-ending quest for relevancy (relevancy = $$) - send a plethora of looks down the runway. Often the runway looks represent the most extreme end of the trends, designed to capture the attention of the fashion press and the imaginations of the trendiest customers. Once that happens, the trends can be "translated" into more relatable (and affordable) styles that will appeal to the rest of us! 

If you shop with us you know that we do not consider ourselves "trendy", but "on trend". What's the difference? The distinction lies with our ability to filter  out what's not attractive and what's downright ridiculous - in other words, what's in no way relevant to our clientele.

Still, every new fashion season leans into certain looks, or certain vibes, that seem to catch on with the current zeitgeist. Here are the 7 trends we're embracing for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2023 Season:

Trend 1: "Quiet" Luxury

Technically, Quiet Luxury refers to high-end designer merchandise that does not visibly "shout" the designer's brand through easily recognizable logos. In other words, "if you know, you know". Sort of reverse snobbery. But the trend has also come to refer to timeless classic styles that look expensive, even if they're not. To my way of thinking, this is a worthy and embraceable trend that translates well to every body, every age, every wallet. Think lightweight cashmere sweaters, premium denim, white button-downs, ballet flats, and a really nice handbag. In fact, some elements of Quiet Luxury are mentioned below as trends in their own right - namely trousers and blazers. Read on!

Trend 2: Trousers

Trousers of all kinds are certainly having a moment. I know we've all been married to our beloved jeans forever, but it feels fresh to put on a pair of pants that are not denim. What's new (or old, depending upon how long you've been around, wink-wink) is the volume. Skinny pants are still here but staying more in the background as a forever basic. The trousers of the moment are wide legged. Some are long, some are cropped. We're seeing cotton, silk, and satiny fabrics. Cargo pockets are very much back in the picture. Whatever length or fabric you choose, pair yours with something fitted and/or tucked in on top to balance the silhouette. For example, we're styling these pants with white button-downs tied at the waist, simple tanks, or cropped sweaters. 

Trend 3: Wide Leg Jeans

Clearly an extension of the trouser trend, jeans have jumped on the wide-leg bandwagon and are riding the wave. I realize it might take your eye awhile to get used to this look after years of nothing but skinny or straight-leg jeans, but trust me, when you try it you may find that wide legs are surprisingly flattering. We love this look when worn with a platform or wedge. Again, a fitted, tuck-able or tie-able top is the way to go.

Trend 4: Denim on Denim

Yes, I know: this look used to be called the Canadian Tuxedo, and referred to the admittedly questionable practice of wearing matching jeans and jeans jackets. But now the fashion crowd is embracing the look, but with a major difference: jeans are being paired with denim or chambray shirts in contrasting shades. The resulting look is very fresh and strikes a tonal look that elongates the body. Who doesn't want that

Trend 5: Blazers

Blazers have staged a major comeback as we continue to put the pandemic years in the rearview mirror. French women have known this for years; there is truly nothing like a blazer to pull your look together and give you that polished feeling. But these are not the blazers of yesteryear, the ones you remember from interviews and work meetings. The new blazers come in every fit imaginable - oversized, cropped, shaped, tailored, and unstructured. Pick the one that works best for your body type and give it a try. Throw it on over a white tee, add any pair of pants or jeans, step into heels, sneakers or flats -- and suddenly you feel and look chic. 

Trend 6: Saturated Brights

If you love color, this is your season! This season is featuring pretty much every shade of bright, saturated color, with an emphasis on fuchsia pinks and bright greens. Color is being done in interesting pairings too, which can be found in printed tops, dresses, pants and shorts. Think tropical paradise and you'll get the idea.

Trend 7: Desert Shades

In direct contrast to the aforementioned brights, we're also seeing a resurgence in calming neutral shades like tan, soft pink, lavender, sky blue and sage green. For those who prefer a more subtle palette, this will be a welcome trend. It's flattering to most complexions, and it spans the seasons nicely, even taking you into early Fall.


So those are the major trends that we're featuring here at Smith & Scott. We think they are relatable and wearable. And perhaps most importantly, they're not too crazy and should become future classics. Of course we're still offering plenty of beautiful dresses, sweaters, jackets and other wardrobe staples. You'll find classic navy, black and white, and other looks that never go out of style. Our goal is to always have you walk out of our store looking your best, no matter the styles you choose. There's something for everyone, and remember: when YOU look good, WE look good :)